Meet Miss Danielle!

Meet our Science 4 Kids Instructor, Miss Danielle!

As a Homewood resident, Miss Danielle is well-known in the community for making early learning fun and engaging for children in local schools!

Her passion to make learning come alive translates effectively into her Science classes! Miss Danielle’s unique teaching style makes each class awe-inspiring and memorable.

In Science 4 Kids classes you can expect the same engaging, hands-on learning experience your child receives in all classes here at WOE.

We feel very fortunate to have her included in the WOE family and are excited to have her offer such an amazing program!

Miss Danielle would like to share her core teaching beliefs that deliver life-advancing results:

  1. The richer and more varied a learner’s environment is, the richer and more varied the child’s learning experiences will be.
  2. Caregivers can use particular strategies, materials, and environmental resources to encourage and support early childhood science learning.  They don’t have to be science “experts” to do this!
  3. Parents also play a critical role in their young child’s science learning by modeling exploration, encouraging inquiry and building the child’s confidence as a learner.
Come visit Miss Danielle at WOE!