A Shout Out to Kari Buishas

Kari Buishas teaching a child with a xylophone

Kari Buishas was awarded the prestigious 2012 Musikgarten Exemplary Program award!

This past April, our own Kari Buishas was awarded the 2012 Musikgarten Exemplary Program Award at the 14th annual Musikgarten Teacher Festival. Teachers from all over the United States and Canada participated in three days of music-making and seminars covering topics that ranged from techniques to teach instruments, to ways to enrich music education by helping parents understand aural methods.

A select number of teachers were recognized for outstanding Musikgarten studios, including Kari! The prestigious award signifies that Kari Buishas owns a music studio that offers a full complement of Musikgarten classes for children ages 0 – 9.

Musikgarten is a leader in early childhood music and movement education and group piano instruction. The Musikgarten curriculum is widely recognized as essential in helping young children develop valuable social, emotional, musical, and physical skills.

Kari Buishas’ studio at World of Enrichment is one of only seventy-five programs in North America to receive this esteemed award for 2012. For more information on Musikgarten classes at World of Enrichment, email info@worldofenrichment.com or check out the schedule on our website.