The Best Birthday Present Ever

It is one thing to say that kids should have music lessons. It is another to be able to state why.  We know music has advantages for growing brains. Music helps kids improve language skills.  Learning to play a musical instrument enhances the sensitivity of a growing brain to the sounds of everyday speech. Music also helps kids detect sound patterns, which in turn correlates with reading skills. Music may even help with developmental disabilities, such as dyslexia and autism. Likewise, music is an excellent coping skill for people struggling with emotional management, regardless of age.

Regardless of song, or style, or what is used to make the music, you cannot negate the fact that what music offers is another way to communicate. A way to soothe feelings, express yourself, meditate, unwind, or relax. For all ages.

Case in point follows. A nine-year-old received for his birthday: one battery-powered water gun- E.T.P. (estimated playing time) 18.5 minutes; three lego sets- E.T.P. zero minutes once built (though has served as a source of power and control when faced with a three-year-old brother that is dying to break said lego sets apart); one board game- E.T.P. thirty-two minutes.

Dad comes home with “something different” that he had to go to “three stores to find.”  E.T.P. is hours thus far. For everyone in the entire family. People are practically losing limbs over having to share it. What is this, you want to know? It is called a ding drum. It is so easy to play, even the baby can bang on it and it sounds good. You don’t believe this?  Check one out at

Music has united a family.  Of all ages.  Once again.