Young Artist at Work

Young Artist at WorkAt the school drop off this morning, there was a young girl in front of an easel, watercolors accessible, brush in hand. She was painting a purple flower on top of a dripping green stem with two leaves, a thick line of grass (presumably) carefully and painstakingly swiped across the length of the bottom of the page. 

She was so engrossed in her work that she did not hear me say “What a beautiful painting” as I walked by on my way out the door.  Her teacher remarked: “She does this every single morning. I imagine that every night she must go home and decide what she is going to paint the next morning when she arrives.”

The reasons this young kindergartener is blessed are two-fold. First of all, she already has an obvious love for self-expression through the use of art as her personal medium. Second, she has been born into an environment that does not stifle this love through lack of either materials or curriculum. She is able to walk into school each morning, set up her paints, get her cup of water, and create a new masterpiece that may or may not end up on the refrigerator at home.

It almost goes without saying that not all kids are so lucky. Budget cuts and the like have forced some schools to push art in all its forms to the back burner. The creativity innately instilled in young children is not always nurtured at home. 

Fortunately, there are classes at World of Enrichment that afford opportunity to encourage this love for self-expression in children.  Our art classes, offered for children aged 5-10, are set to start again October 6th.  Click for more information.

After all, it may be your child at the easel in the morning.