Indoor Activities for Kids

If your kids are like most children, chances are you will hear the phrase “I’m bored” at least once during school breaks. A little preparation on your part can make this lament much easier to handle if you have an arsenal of activities at the ready.

If you have cardboard tubes– Save paper towel and toilet paper rolls, and you can help your kids to make a homemade marble maze.  Tape or glue cardboard tubes to a piece of poster board, and see if you can get a marble to roll all the way to the bottom without falling! For a more active game, give each kid a piece of cardboard tube and see if they can pass a marble to each other without dropping it.

If you have lids and masking tape– Shuffle board can become kid-friendly if you set up a game on the dining room table.  All you need are lids and masking tape to measure off the game. First one to 200 points gets a free pass on a chore! Click here for directions.

If you have chopsticks or spoons- Have your kids sit in a circle, give them a handful of small objects and see if they can pass the objects around the circle without dropping them. Anything could work, but a few suggestions are popcorn, nuts, dried cranberries, peas, or small toys.  To make it more active, have a relay race across the living room.

If you have a box and bouncy balls- Flip a box upside down, cut four or five openings large enough for a ball to pass through, label each opening with a point value, and start bowling! For more challenge, have your kids stand further away from the box.

If you have mittens (or socks, hats, or other clothing items)- Have your kids place the selected items into a pile in the middle of the room and mix them up.  When you yell “Go!” your children can race to the pile and the first one to get ready wins!

If you have pillows- Place pillows around the room and tell your kids they cannot step on the floor because it’s hot lava. They can, however, stay safe if they stand on the pillows (or maybe the furniture, depending on your house rules).

For more indoor playtime ideas, click here.

And if all else fails, you can always clean the house!