Snow Days Can Be Fun Days

Here is the scenario: the kids are glued to the window, while you are stuck to the television. They dreamily watch snowflakes accumulate on the front walk, as you wearily anticipate a snow day and wonder what you can possibly do while stuck inside all day.

Here is the secret: you do not have to stay inside.  A snow day can signal a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature in a different, if colder, way. There are plenty of things to do outdoors in the snow with children, besides attempting to build a snow man STAT in order to avoid frostbite. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Modern Snow Angels– An old standard takes on a new twist when you use your imagination. You can start off by lying down and waving your arms and legs to show your kids how to make classic snow angels, or with a bit of forethought, you can take turns forming silhouettes of running, jumping, or striking all sorts of poses. If your family is all different sizes, even better for a line up. You can even dig out old hats, scarves, and gloves to decorate your formations.

Miniature Snow Forts– Does just the thought of making a snow fort leave you exhausted? Get out the Barbie dolls or army guys, and try making snow forts for toys. Ice cube trays are a great way to create miniature blocks to use for walls, and if you really want to get fancy, squirt a bit of food coloring mixed into water onto your creation. Your kids are sure to delight in making buildings for toys, and you may just be able to build a structure in under thirty minutes!

Snowy Scavenger Hunt– Kids love scavenger hunts, and what better way to squeeze in a little exercise than a winter quest in the neighborhood? You can make up any sort of list you’d like, and for little ones who cannot read, cut out pictures for them, or pair them up with an older sibling. A few suggestions on what to hunt for: a squirrel, a rock, something green, something you could wear, a piece of mail, a stick, or a snowman.

These are just a few suggestions on what to do outside with children on a snow day. And the best part of spending a few hours bundled up outside? Hot chocolate! Here is an easy recipe you can make from scratch to warm up your little ones.