Why Science 4 Kids Works

Around the age of 18 months, young children have what is known as a naming explosion. At this time, they add new words to their vocabulary at an incredible rate so that by the time they are two, most kids know about 1000 – 2000 words!  With this increased vocabulary comes a deeper understanding of the rules of grammar, enabling them to have a basic understanding of pronouns, nouns, and verbs.  Eventually, their quest to make sense of the world leads to that infamous question likely echoing in homes around the world right now: why?

Why is the sky blue? Why do dogs have hair? Why do birds fly?  Why? Why? Why? While you can probably name a hundred reasons why this question can become a bit annoying, what you might not consider is the connection it has between curiosity about the world and science.

All scientific research begins by asking a question. Why does water come out of the faucet when Mommy turns that knob? Why do things disappear down the toilet when someone flushes it? Why does Daddy put that foamy white stuff on his chin and scrape it off every morning?

These seemingly innocent questions inevitably lead to a few pickles (such as your favorite necklace disappearing down into the depths of the sewer), but they also help budding scientists make sense of their environment. Kids naturally ask questions, make their own hypotheses, and find innovative ways to test them out. These first “experiments” help kids to become independent thinkers. They learn to use critical thinking skills rather than just blindly accepting everything they hear as truth.

At World of Enrichment, our Science 4 Kids classes help kids to understand science in a fun and engaging way. They work on skills such as making predictions, observing the world, finding ways to take measurements, and communicating their findings to others.  Kids also learn to collect data and make graphs and charts from this data, helping them hone their math skills. They also work on their writing skills by creating observation logs after every experiment.

We provide a safe place for children to ask questions about the world. After participation in Science 4 Kids, the only question you might be left asking is: Why did I wait so long to sign my children up?