The 3 Learning Styles

Ever wonder why some children seem to master skills in such different ways? This might be because there are three basic learning styles.

1)      Auditory learners learn by hearing. They remember things by talking out loud, prefer having things explained orally, and often talk to themselves while learning something new.

2)      Visual learners learn by seeing. They often write down instructions, easily remember visual details, and might have trouble following lectures because the areas of the brain associated with vision are often not stimulated with this teaching style.

3)      Kinesthetic learners learn by touching. They prefer to touch and manipulate things as they learn, and like to move around as they are talking or listening. They need to be able to do what they are learning about.

We all use each style to some degree, but most of us prefer one of the styles more than the others. If you are unsure which style your child favors, try this simple activity: Ask your child what comes to mind when they think about the word dog. Visual learners will probably describe a picture of a dog, auditory learners might hear a dog barking, and kinesthetic learners might imagine the soft fur of a dog.

Familiarity with each learning style can help parents and teachers to create learning opportunities that meet the needs of the individual child. When providing these types of activities, keep in mind that it is quite common for your learning style to be different than your child’s. As such, remember that what is exciting to you might not be so interesting to your child.

At World of Enrichment, we offer inspiring activities that touch on all three learning styles. Each class provides a variety of exciting opportunities for children to learn in whatever way they find most comfortable.

For example, in our art classes we provide visual learners with real life examples of paintings or sculptures to look at. This same class might offer discussion about art that would appeal to auditory learners. With hands on activities, kinesthetic learners are able to be engaged in the learning process as well.

Once you know your child’s type, you can make learning more exciting in the home. At World of Enrichment, we can continue to enrich their educational experiences through all of our classes.