Cooking with Kids

Cooking with Kids

Cooking with Kids motivates and empowers elementary school students to make healthy food choices. Through hands-on nutrition education activities, kindergarten through 6th grade students explore, prepare, and enjoy fresh, affordable foods from around the world.

The objectives of Cooking with Kids are that:

          • children will engage in positive sensory experiences with a variety of healthy foods
          • identify personal food preferences
          • practice food preparation skills
          • learn about cultures of the world

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Cooking with Kids experiential food and nutrition education curriculum includes cooking lessons and fruit and vegetable tastings that meet academic standards in math, science, language arts, social studies, health education, and art.

Providing kids with positive, fun experiences with food increases the likelihood that they will try and enjoy those foods. Students work together to prepare such dishes as Asian Noodle Soup, Pizza al Fornello and Ethiopian Lentil Stew with Couscous, learning in the process that new and culturally diverse foods can be both tasty and nutritious!

90 min. class meets once a week. Tuition $150/month

For siblings or if enrolling in more than 1 class use discount code: multiclass for a discount on monthly tuition!  Click here for information on Financial Assistance for Tuition.

Registration is now closed for the school year.


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