Musikgarten Music Summer Class

Musikgarten is the leader in early childhood music education and offers a complete multi-year educational program from birth to nine years.  Musikgarten believes that every child has the potential to be musically literate, which means to be able to hear a melody and to write down.  Singing, dancing and instrument play are all part of the class room experience.  Emphasis is placed on children gaining a unique appreciation and understanding of music while developing important life skills.

Musikgarten nurtures child growth through a variety of fun musical activities and lessons.  The Musikgarten curriculum is based on idea that music is a language and it is learned through interaction and experience.  Musikgarten’s curriculum focuses on teaching universal fundamental music understanding such as beat, meter, tone and instrument identification.

The need for a strong foundation of musical understanding before learning more complex instrumental, voice or dance pieces is emphasized.  Because of the strong foundation that Musikgarten provides, 75% of children continue with music year after year.

Family Music for Babies & Toddlers (All Ages)

Summer Session tuition $60

Class Dates: July 12 – Aug 2

1:45-2:15 PM on Thursdays


5:30 – 6:00 pm on Thursdays

This is a wonderful class for the whole family!

For babies, this class is rich in interactive songs –bouncing, rocking and dancing songs to express the joy of playing together.  Babies take part in songs for movement to allow baby to feel flow, beat, meter, phrase and nuance while developing pattern recognition and body awareness.  Rhythm instruments are used to teach sound and vibration.  Simple song repetition enhances development in language skills, expression and memory.

For toddlers, children sing, dance, play instruments and learn focused listening in this class with their parent/caretaker.  Songs from various cultures with contrasting tones, moods and meters excite and move the children.   Emphasis is on musical activity and introduction to rhythms.

Other class times may be available upon request.

Call 708.249.4008 to register!