Science Classes

Exciting hands-on Science classes

Unique experiments each week

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Encouraging early learners to engage in Science projects and experiments is a great way for them to learn about the world around them in a fun and interactive way!

Science is a part of our daily life.  Everything we do and deal with in life is science from cooking, playing ball, growing a garden and understanding how technologies work to watching a rain storm.  Understanding science helps kids appreciate and relate to the world around them.

In our Science Class, your child will be introduced to simple biology, earth and space, physics, environmentally-conscious and “Green” lessons, Engineering and Simple Machines- all  while increasing science skills such as:

Predicting  * Observing  *  Comparing  *  Classifying  *  Measuring  *  Inferring  *  Communicating

Math, Literature, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving are incorporated in lessons to develop  the 21st Century skills necessary for a successful future!

*8 Students Max. in each class.  Tuition: $100/monthly

For siblings or if enrolling in more than 1 class use discount code: multiclass for a discount on monthly tuition!  Click here for information on Financial Assistance for Tuition.

Registration is now closed for the school year.